CHoC (Cumbria Health on Call) is a not for profit, Social Enterprise serving patients and visitors across the whole of Cumbria.  In February 2015 CHoC were awarded the Social Enterprise mark for the second year running, demonstrating their commitment to delivering the right care to patients at the right time, in the right place.

CHoC currently provide care, treatment and support to a population of over 500,000 residents; but with approximately 40 million visitors per year the population can rise to well over excess of this, particularly during the summer months.  Cumbria has two main urban areas; the city of Carlisle and the large industrial town of Barrow-in-Furness but is otherwise a largely rural county which covers an area of over 2,613 square miles.  CHoC also cover a population of approximately 7,000 patients in North Yorkshire. 

CHoC has a team of salaried and sessional GPs, Triage Nurses and Nurse Practitioners covering six localities across the county.  CHoC treatment centres are co-located next to A&E Departments and various primary care facilities within community hospitals and are supported by twelve fully equipped vehicles on the road to meet the challenges of providing care to rural communities and also a remote prison.  In addition, CHoC provide step up, step down care to ten community hospitals and two Community wards within the Acute Trust setting.

CHoC also run a successful GPR programme, investing in five days training per year to equip GPRs to work solo during the OOH period.

CHoC continues to develop further; implementing daytime services and operating 24/7 in order to benefit the population of Cumbria.  These services are delivered using an integrated approach with other health care partners and provider organisations across Cumbria.  CHoC form an integral part of the Cumbrian health economy, continuing to provide excellent patient care demonstrated through regular feedback from patients and their families.


Twitter: @CHoCCumbria

Susan Blakemore, Managing Director
01228 608204
Cumbria Health on Call, Capital Building, Hilltop Heights
London Road
CA1 2NS Carlisle
United Kingdom