Northdoc Medical Services (Associate member representatives)

Northdoc Medical Services

Northdoc Medical Services Ltd are part of D-Doc which is the GP OOHs service covering the majority of the population of north Dublin city and county. This covers a population of 550,000 and it started on the 26 November 2006. The service depends on the voluntary participation of 250 experienced local GPs. There are three strands to the service, with Northdoc providing doctors and medical governance, CareDoc providing nurse triage, and the HSE providing the infrastructure (centres, cars, computers) and other staff (nurses, drivers, call takers and receptionists).

We operate from five centres, with up to three cars at the weekends. Ninety five per cent of the shifts up to midnight are covered by local general practitioners. The service receives about 90K contacts per annum.

As part of our commitment to patient and GP care we introduced clinical audit for the first time in Ireland. Together with our UK colleagues we will strive to continue improving the ways we support our GPs and especially the Social Enterprise companies that provide GP Out of hours services.

Liam Quinn, Chief Executive
+353 1 8727438
Northdoc Medical Services Ltd, Unit 211, The Capel Building
Mary's Abbey
7 Dublin