City & Hackney Urgent Healthcare Social Enterprise (CHUHSE pronounced Choose) was set-up as a Community Benefit Society on behalf of the 90% of Hackney GPs who in 2012 asked to take back responsibility for the out-of-hours care of their patients.  That request was a result of the unhappiness many GPs had about the quality of care being provided by the commercial provider. Due to S75 of the Health & Social Care Act, City & Hackney PCT decided that there had to be a competitive tender. This was duly won by CHUHSE at exactly the same contract value and model of care agreed 12 months earlier, before the expensive tender process was initiated.

CHUHSE will start providing services in December 2013 to the 280,000 people in City & Hackney, working from Homerton Hospital and we hope 2 further bases. We are proud and humbled by the emotional support we secured from the local Community; 100 GPs and a remarkable 300 local people are signed up as members. We will have an entirely City & Hackney focus and are looking forward to working closely with CCG colleagues and being part of integrating the provision of urgent care locally.

Julia Brown, Interim Chief Executive Officer
0208 211 7769
City & Hackney Urgent Healthcare Social Enterprise, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Homerton Row
E9 6SR London
United Kingdom