The Partnership of East London Co-operatives ( PELC) holds a number of contracts in Outer North East London and West Essex employing a highly experienced medical workforce managing Out of Hours and Urgent Care Services for several PCTs. PELC is an experienced OOH provider which commenced operations in December 2004 and provides a core OOH service to over 1.1 million patients. In addition to their core services they also operate two joint venture arrangements with local GPs to provide GP Led Health Centres in Waltham Forest and West Essex.

PELC also play an extensive role in supporting A&E Depts and Urgent Care Centres (UCCs). PELC currently managed the innovative Whipps Cross and King George UCCs as well as providing clinical support to Queens and Princess Alexandra Hospital UCCs in collaboration with other contract holders. In terms of organisational capacity, PELC employ over 150 staff including some salaried clinicians and operates a ‘bank’ of over 250 local GPs on an independent contract basis across a wide range of Primary Care Services.

Working in Partnership with Local GPs, PELC has been awarded 2 EAPMS GP Led Health Centre Contracts by NHS Waltham Forest and NHS West Essex and as part of these arrangements have developed the expertise required to deliver core GMS Services.

PELC provides urgent and unscheduled care through close partnership working with a variety of organisations. It has extensive experience in developing new services, a skilled workforce and the resources necessary to deliver them. PELC takes an active role in the critical review of facilities and services offered and with its partner PCTs work to continuously improve and enhance services to patients.

Brian Jones, Chief Executive
0208 911 1130 ext. 1132
Partnership of East London Co-operatives (PELC) Unit 3, Bourne Court
Southend Road
IG8 8HD Woodford , ESS
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