Dr Russell Muirhead


Born, bred and educated around Glasgow where he qualified in 1982, Russell took the missionary route south to start his clinical career and never looked back! He has been in General Practice as a partner since 1995 and quickly developed an interest in patient care delivery. In 1996 he joined the embryonic Shropshire Doctors Cooperative, progressing to an elected Board member in 1998 and Chairman since 2002.

Whilst he has been involved in some regional and national groups, such as the NHS Alliance Urgent Care group, he prefers to utilise proven methodologies and ideas and leave others to become embroiled in the committee culture so prevalent in the NHS.

He believes that Primary Care, and General Practice in particular, has the track record and future ability to innovate, collaborate, expand and develop services in ways which we currently can only imagine. He also believes that the members of Urgent Health UK represent some of the best organisations to deliver these services.